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Tamiya XV-02 Pro Chassis 4wd Rally Kit

Tamiya XV-02 Pro Chassis 4wd Rally Kit

  • Brand:: Tamiya
  • Product Code: TAM58707
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $185.00

Tamiya XV-02 Pro Chassis 4wd Rally Kit

This is the Tamiya XV-02 Pro Chassis 4wd Rally Kit. Designed as an all out 4WD rally machine the XV-02 uses durable shaft driven drivetrain and a mid motor location. This results in the front and rear driveshafts to be equal lengths giving a true 50/50 torque split. Adding to the adjustments Tamiya has given you two different differential gear options. These give you the ability to over-drive or under-drive the front or rear differential catering the handling to your liking. Helping to control this power are the long aluminum shocks giving the XV-02 an abundance of plush suspension travel. Tamiya has packed this vehicle with tons of features designed to give you the ultimate driving experience. With a ground up rally design the XV-02 is ready to handle everything from tarmac to dirt.

  • Updated metal parts include motor mount, propeller shafts, input and center shafts, along with urethane bumpers.
  • Longitudinal battery pack position in the center-left for optimum balance
  • Long aluminum dampers are employed at front and rear.
  • A polycarbonate chassis cover with wheel well liners help prevent dirt and dust from getting inside.
  • Suspension arms and front uprights are based upon the XV-01 chassis kit.
Chassis Length: 368mm (excluding body)
Chassis Width: 180mm
Wheel Base: 257mm
Frame: Bathtub type
Drive System: Front midship motor / shaft drive 4WD
Diff Gear: oil-filled gear differential for both front and rear
Steering: 3-split tie rod type
Suspension: 4-wheel double wishbone
Shocks: Aluminum body long oil damper
Gear Ratio: 9.58:1 when using the 19T pinion included in the kit (10.71:1 to 6.28:1 in combination with the separately sold pinions (Up to 14 types of gear ratios can be selected)

Needed to Complete:
  • Body
  • 2-channel Radio System
  • Steering Servo
  • ESC
  • 540-Type Motor
  • 7.2-7.4volt Battery
  • Compatible Charger

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