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Tamiya 1/14 King Hauler Semi Tractor Kit (Black Edition)

Tamiya 1/14 King Hauler Semi Tractor Kit (Black Edition)

  • Brand:: Tamiya
  • Product Code: TAM56336
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  • $260.00

Tamiya 1/14 King Hauler Semi Tractor Kit

The Tamiya 1/14 King Hauler Black Edition Semi Tractor Kit features a precision-molded tractor truck body with pre-painted metallic black parts offset by chrome-plated parts such as the front grille, air cleaners and more. The tough ladder frame chassis is paired with front and rear metal leaf spring dampers for excellent performance and durability. The front-mounted motor provides power to the rear wheels via propeller shaft, mirroring the system used on actual road-going trucks, and utilizes a 3-speed transmission with manually-controllable gear changes.

Length: 692mm, Width: 192mm, Height: 330mm, Weight: Approx. 3.9kg (*with all equipment attached) 
Wheelbase: 433mm+103mm 
Tread: 156mm (Front), 138mm (Rear, Double Tire) 
Chassis: Aluminum & Polycarbonate Resin Ladder Frame 
Suspension: Front/Rear Leaf Springs 
Caster Angle (Front/Rear): 0°/0° 
Camber Angle (Front/Rear): 0°/0° 
Toe Angle (Front/Rear): 0°/0° 
Dampers: Front/Rear Aluminum Friction Dampers 
Drivetrain: Rear 2-Axle Drive
Transmission: 3-Gear Transmission (gear shifting operated from transmitter) 
Gear Ratio: (1st Gear) 32.49:1, (2nd Gear) 17.76:1, (3rd Gear) 10.66:1 
Diff Gear: 3-Bevel Diff. 
Motor: Type 540 
Tire Width: 22mm (Front/Rear) 
Tire Diameter: 83mm (Front/Rear) 

Needed to Complete:
  • 4-channel transmitter & receiver 
  • MFC-01
  • 2 servos 
  • 7.2V battery pack & charger

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