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Kyosho EP Fazer Mk2 FZ02-D Toyota Supra A80 ReadySet (White/Black/Red) w/Syncro KT-231P+

Kyosho EP Fazer Mk2 FZ02-D Toyota Supra A80 ReadySet (White/Black/Red) w/Syncro KT-231P+

  • Brand:: Kyosho
  • Product Code: KYO34471T1
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  • $110.00

Kyosho EP Fazer Mk2 FZ02-D Toyota Supra A80 ReadySet

The Kyosho EP Fazer Mk2 FZ02-D Toyota Supra A80 ReadySet was created for the pure enjoyment of RC! This Fazer Mk2 chassis has been given a light update to allow for an awesome 4WD drift chassis. Using the Mk2's simplified design with fewer parts has improved maintenance efficiency and reduced weight while core strength and rigidity has been increased through materials with ribbing and stiffeners on the front and rear. Kyosho then gave this chassis hard drift tires that to allow for controllable drifting. This specific Fazer chassis was then given a Toyota Supra A80 body to help answer one burning question, yes it is a Supra.

  • “Ultra Scale Body” replicates the fine details of the actual body of the car
  • Equipped with hard plastic for controllable sliding performance.
  • Factory-assembled Readyset package only requires 4 x AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter, and battery with charger for the chassis
  • Full ball bearings that reduce drive loss equipped throughout the drive system
  • Features a waterproof steering servo
  • Sealed differential and transmission deliver reliable performance, even on dusty parking lot surfaces
  • Shaft drive full-time 4WD touring chassis (FZ02)
  • Equipped with a plated dummy brake disc and a painted brake caliper to improve the sense of scale
  • Uses button screws with hexagonal holes in each part. Reliable tightening torque can be applied, and maintenance is possible with even fewer tools.
  • Motor mount has mounting holes to set gear mesh. Supports from 29T to 37T.
  • Performance can be further enhanced by installing various optional parts
Length: 455mm
Width: (Body width)  200mm (210mm)
Height: 120mm
Wheelbase: 260mm
Tread Front/Rear: 174mm/174mm
Tires Front/Rear: 64×24.2mm/64×24.2mm
Gear Ratio: 6.54:1
Weight: 1650g (approx.)
Transmitter: Syncro KT-231P+
Motor: G14L

  • Completed chassis with R/C radio installed
  • Factory assembled body complete with color scheme
  • Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
  • Installed 60A waterproof ESC (forward/brake/reverse)
  • Hex wrench
  • Spanner
Needed to Complete:
  • Battery for Chassis w/T-Plug Connector
  • Charger
  • (4) AA size batteries for transmitter

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