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KO Propo EX-NEXT 2.4GHz Radio System w/KR-420XT Receiver

KO Propo EX-NEXT 2.4GHz Radio System w/KR-420XT Receiver

  • Brand:: KO Propo
  • Product Code: KOP10661
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $220.00

KO Propo EX-NEXT 2.4GHz Radio System w/KR-420XT Receiver

The KO Propo EX-NEXT 2.4GHz Radio System includes a KR-420XT Receiver. The EX-NEXT features two different modes for operation XT Advanced Mode and XT Telemetry Mode.

XT Advanced Mode:
  • Control and radio communication software of the EX-NEXT has world record setting communication response - XT Advanced mode is about 3 times the speed of the EX-RR. The performance far exceeds the conventional high-speed communication.
  • High-speed communication in the XT advanced mode improves the information density that will be sent to the receivers - You will feel a and smooth maneuvering feeling by unprecedented high-definition and high-resolution control when operating
XT Telemetry Mode:
  • EX-NEXT supports "XT Telemetry mode" that uses 2-way communication - When 4S servos that support serial connection are connected to the B/S port in the new receiver KR-420XT, you can use the REAL TIME ICS. This will allow you to easily change parameters of servos from the transmitter without accessing the car directly. Setting your car with more freedom and more detail without compromise.
  • High speed communications in Telemetry mode - Even in XT Telemetry mode that is 2-way communication, the High-speed response is still faster than the EX-RR 
Xpansion 2:
EX-NEXT is equipped with the updated "LCD Xpansion unit 2 EXP-201" as standard equipment - T
elemetry, XT radio mode, supported menu, and setting function for ICS compatible servo are standard. Serial compatible servos which support "REAL TIME ICS" and conventional ICS compatible servos can be used. Change settings of an ICS servo by only using the Xpansion unit 2 without using a PC or servo model selector.

*It is necessary to use external power (6 to 7.4V) for setting by Xpansion unit 2 only.

NOTE: Manual is not included. Please use the manual found in the resources tab.


  • Transmitter:
    • Dimension: 240.5 x 163.0 x 107.2mm
    • Number of the channels: 8
    • Power source: R03/AAA/UM4 battery x4 (Batteries not included. If you use Li-fe, Li-po, you must use with the optional KO Propo Battery Stand Unit)
    • Current: less 200mA
    • Modulation: FHSS-XT
    • Frequency: 2.4GHz
    • Weight: 551g (Normal Grip)
    • Model memory: 50
    • Compatible receiver: KR-420XT
  • Receiver:
    • Modulation: FHSS-XT
    • Number of the channels: 8 (1 to 4 channel : PWM) (1 to 8 channel : Serial)
    • Frequency: 2.4GHz
    • Operation Voltage: 4.8V to 7.4V
    • Neutral pulse: 1.5msec (NORMAL/MILD) 0.375msec (HCS MODE)
    • Dimensions: 30.9 x 18.4 x 13.5mm (Not include antenna)
    • Weight: 5.8g (5.4g with short antenna)

  • (1) EX-NEXT Radio System
  • (1) LCD Xpansion Unit2 EXP-201
  • (1) Aluminum Steering Wheel 5
  • (1) 2.1 Drop Down Extension Unit
  • (1) KR-420XT Receiver
James Fred 02/05/2023

Love it! Solid build and great response. Only issue is with the instructions…still unclear on what some functions do!! Haha

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