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Hangar 9 P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc

Hangar 9 P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc

  • Brand:: Hangar 9
  • Product Code: HAN2990
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  • $225.00

Hangar 9 P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc

This is a Hangar 9 P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc. Packed with firepower, fast and heavily armored, the mighty Republic P-47D Thunderbolt could complete virtually every task the U.S. Army required. WWII pilots called it the “Jug” for its massive size and bottle shape. The enemy knew it better as the “Juggernaut” because it dominated the skies as the toughest and hardest hitting foe ever encountered.

Key Features:
  • Expertly constructed with lightweight, laser-cut balsa and plywood
  • Printed, satin-finish film covering with realistic scale panel lines
  • Multiple nose art options (3) included for a custom appearance
  • Two-piece, plug-in wing for easy transport and final assembly
  • Functional flaps expand the flight envelope
  • Retract ready—optional E-flite® electric retracts and strut set available
  • Rugged fixed landing gear with shock-absorbing struts included
  • Large, removable top hatch allows easy access to electronics and batteries
  • Painted cowl with dummy engine and exhaust detail
  • Gear doors, and 4-inch tires included
  • Removable wing cannons and antenna
  • Scale control surface hinge lines
  • Cockpit details include painted pilot
  • Wing pylons and dummy bombs included
  • Gas/petrol and glow engine mount included
  • Electric motor mount included makes EP installation simple
  • Complete hardware kit included


Wingspan: 67.0 in (1.7m)
Overall Length: 56.0 in (1.41m)
Wing Area: 826 sq in (53.3 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 11-13 lbs (5.0–5.9 kg)
Engine Size: 20cc 2- to 4-stroke gas/petrol (Sold Separately)
Motor Size: 1800W outrunner with a 80A ESC and 6S LiPo (Sold Separately)
Radio: 6+ channel, full-range transmitter and receiver (Sold Separately)
Flaps: Yes
Experience Level: Intermediate
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: 20+Hours
Is Assembly Required: Yes

Needed To Complete:

  • 20cc two- or four-stroke gas/petrol engine or equivalent electric motor system
  • Full-range, 5+ channel transmitter and receiver (6+ for the retract option)
  • (7) Standard-size servos (6 for the electric power option)
  • (2) Batteries for receiver and engine ignition (for the gas power option)
  • Propeller

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