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Futaba 16IZ 2.4GHz 18 Channel FASSTest Radio System (Airplane) w/R7108SB Receiver

Futaba 16IZ 2.4GHz 18 Channel FASSTest Radio System (Airplane) w/R7108SB Receiver

  • Brand:: Futaba
  • Product Code: FUT01004400-1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $385.00

Futaba 16IZ 2.4GHz 18 Channel FASSTest Airplane Radio System with R7108SB Receiver.

  • FASSTEST SYSTEM: The 16IZ transmitter adopted the bidirectional communication system “FASSTest”. Data from the receiver can be checked in your transmitter. FASSTest is a maximum 18 channels (linear 16 channels + switch 2 channels) 2.4 GHz dedicated system.
  • S.BUS2 SYSTEM: By using the S.Bus2 system multiple servos, gyros and telemetry sensors are easily installed with a minimum amount of cables.
  • USB SIMULATOR CONTROL: The T16IZ offers USB C compatibility for simulator control when used with Windows OS Joystick function.
  • COLOR TOUCH SCREEN LCD: T16IZ has an updated HVGA 4.3 inch, full-color backlit LCD touch screen. The screen is transflective which enables both indoor and outdoor visibility.
  • MULTI HOLDER: T16IZ Offers Multi holder near the antenna/charging port. It allows for accessories to be mounted using an M3 style screw.
  • Voice Telemetry: The T16IZ allows for audible telemetry data to be read aloud for easy understanding of crucial parameters while flying.
  • SECURE DATA (SD CARD): Model data, music files, voice files, and picture files can be stored on optional microSD card. The microSD card is also used when updating the software/features of the T16IZ.
  • HIGH CAPACITY LITHIUM POLYMER BATTERY (2000 MAH): The high capacity 2S Lithium Polymer battery gives you extended flight time.
  • EDITING: The touch panel and two enter keys allows you to edit your model in the manner that is easiest for you.
  • FUNCTIONS: The internal processor   the response time. Most of the mixing functions are operated by curves which give you very precise settings.
  • STICK: Each stick offers our reliable single ball bearing for each axis. With our high cycle potentiometer this allows for finer and more precise operation.
  • VIBRATION FUNCTION: Low voltage and other alarms are generated by a vibration motor. Alarms or vibrations to be used can be selected by the owner.
  • R7108SB: The system comes with the R7108SB S.Bus2 Dual Antenna Diversity receiver featuring bi-directional communication.
  • Transmitter:
    • Type: Airplane system w/ratcheting handle
    • Transmitter Frequency:2.4 GHz band
    • Operating System: FASSTest/FASST/T-FHSS/S-FHSS 
    • Power Supply: 7.4 V LT2F2000B Lithium-polymer battery
    • RF Power Output: 100 mW EIRP
  • Receiver:
    • Model: R7108SB
    • Size: 24.9x47.3x14.3mm
    • Weight: 12.0 g
    • Power Requirements: 6.6 V LiFe Battery
    • Current Drain: 75 mA
    • RF Power Output: 25 mW EIRP
  • T16IZ Transmitter (Airplane Version)
  • R7108SB Receiver
  • LT2F2000B Lithium Polymer Battery and USB cable for charging
  • Switch Harness
  • Neck Strap
  • Manual (Printed short version. Download full version in resources tab above)

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