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Flex Innovations Pirana Super Electric PNP Airplane (1033mm)

Flex Innovations Pirana Super Electric PNP Airplane (1033mm)

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  • $120.00

Flex Innovations Pirana Super Electric PNP Airplane (1033mm)

The Flex Innovations  Pirana Super Electric PNP Airplane, is an extraordinary aircraft that can provide stunning speeds, incredible aerobatics, and ample flight time. The Piraña not only shares some key aesthetics with LMP cars racing at Le Mans, it mirrors their performance too. The Piraña has big power and high-speed capabilities, while also maintaining extraordinary handling thanks to designer and F3A and 3D World Champion, Quique Somenzini. From the craziest of aerobatic maneuvers, to high speed and slow-speed flight, the Piraña bundles an incredibly wide flight envelope with performance and power in a convenient package. Whether you’re flying the Piraña under your FPV goggles, or by traditional means, it will be sure to put a smile on your face every time you fly it.

  • Wide flight envelope
  • Updated 6S (22.2V) Li-Po power system for more power and more flight time
  • FT Aura 5 Lite Advanced Flight Control System included
  • Launch Assist
  • Internally mounted LEDs are installed and illuminate the aircraft from the inside
  • Level Assist (6-Axis) feature w/o computer programming
  • Removable fins and wings 
  • Airbrakes can be configured without the use of a computer
  • FPV-ready nose is included with the Super PNP
  • Custom control horns for optimized throw and precision
  • Available in two high-visibility color variants
Length: 29.5 in. (1102 mm)
Wingspan: 35.7 in. (1033 mm)
Weight: 36 oz. (1020 grams) with 6S 1500mAh 45C Li-Po
Wing Area: 370 sq. in (23.87 sq. dm.)
Channels: 5+ (6+ for Speedbrakes, 7+ for Speedbrakes & Switchable LEDs)

  • (1) Pirana Super Electric PNP Airplane 
  • (1) Potenza 20L 1200kV Brushless Motor
  • (1) ZTW 50A ESC
  • (2) DS17 Servos
  • (2) DS12 Servos
  • (1) APC 6.5x6.5 Propeller

 Needed to Complete:   

  • (1) 5+ Channel 2.4 GHz Transmitter
  • (1) Matching Receiver
    • Spektrum Users: (2) SPM9745 Recommended, or (1) SPM4651T (SRXL2 Receiver cable is required (SPMA3066))
    • Futaba Users: (1) FUTL7619 R2001SB Recommended
  • (1+) 6s 45C+ LiPo Battery 1500mAh w/EC-3 Connector
  • (1) LiPo Battery Balance Charger System
  • Misc Building Tools (Referenced in User Manual)

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